Dustyn Winder


I'm a dad slash entrepreneur slash investor who can't sit still.

Generally speaking, when not chasing a rowdy little boy, I'm reading, writing, thinking or tweeting about economics + emerging markets, the future of cities + money + work, and the health of the planet + food + people. I also really dig adventure travel, the NBA, European football, things that go fast, philosophy, and SciFi.

I'm an EIR at Prehype and founding partner at Akili, a full-stack venture development company in Africa, with a focus on ecosystem building. We work with entrepreneurs, investors and corporates to turn problems into opportunity for the next 50 years of Africa and the world.

I'm always interested in smart people doing super rad things. So, if you're still reading, let's chat.




Akili lives at the nexus of the African innovation ecosystem. We are a full stack venture development company, incubating, accelerating, and empowering the next generation of great African enterprises and entrepreneurs.

We are a part of the Prehype network and have collectively invested in, built, and/or accelerated ~50 startups over the past decade, with the backing and buy-in of some of the world’s best brands, foundations, investors, and entrepreneurs. The companies that we have built and worked with have created more than $2 billion in value and have been acquired by the likes of Dropbox, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, and WeWork. Having worked across North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, Akili is the Prehype network’s Africa-centric initiative to address the funding and startup infrastructure gap on the continent.

We develop forward looking theses around the futures of money, food, health, mobility, education and work, and exist to connect people and problems (read: opportunities) to capital and markets by exploring strategic synergies that attract financing, partnerships, business development, sales, and IP to entrepreneurs building the next 50 years of Africa and the world.


@dswinder's (my) future positive side projects, investments, grants + holdings.

Let's at least leave good bones for our kids to build on.

More info soon!


Kafunda means "small place" in Luganda. It's the neighborhood shop where beers are drunk, shop is talked, deals are made, community is built, issues are quashed.

This is the revived newsletter (fingers crossed soon to be podcast) by Akili founding partner, Dustyn Winder, to muse, insight, put forward hypotheses, and occasionally, maybe (i.e. likely) ruffle feathers, on Africa's innovation ecosystem.