Dustyn Winder


I'm a dad / entrepreneur who can't sit still, and thus split my time between bustling Nairobi and the laid back hills of East Tennessee.

Generally speaking, when not wrestling a rowdy little boy or dominating another on Mario Kart (take no prisoners), I start businesses in Africa (mostly Kenya these days). Otherwise, I'm reading, writing, thinking, or too often tweeting about frameworks and incentives, markets and economies, food/bev, D2C, communities, cities, and technology. I also really dig travel, things that go fast, sports (NBA, F1, UEFA), philosophy, and SciFi.

I am a partner and co-founder at Akili, a Nairobi-based venture studio and holdco. We reframe problems, sniff out opportunities, and ultimately build exciting products and businesses alongside the continent's most energetic and talented people.

I'm always interested in smart people doing rad things, so if you're still reading, say hey.




Akili is a full-stack venture studio and holding company. We build and invest in products and businesses, on our own and alongside strategic partners. Through Akili, global investors access a diversified portfolio of incredible African ventures.

We're a team of energetic entrepreneurs, experienced operators, and world-class product people, backed by a network of investors and strategic stakeholders to identify problems, discover opportunities, and build the world's next great products, brands, and companies in Africa.


@dswinder's (my) future positive side projects, investments, grants + holdings.

Let's at least leave good bones for our kids to build on.

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Kafunda means "small place" in Luganda. It's the neighborhood shop where beers are drunk, shop is talked, deals are made, community is built, issues are quashed.

This is the revived newsletter from Akili, where we muse, insight, put forward hypotheses, and occasionally, maybe ruffle feathers, on Africa's business ecosystems.